Life is just the Reflection of Your Self Improvement


Lately, it has become very common to talk about leadership; so much so, that by now we have many ideas of what that word actually means. We generally tend to relate it to some way to inspire others in the business environment.
Leadership relates to inspiration, we got that part right, but it is not exclusive for business. It starts with us; it has to do with the responsibility for a constant self-improvement, always aiming for a better, bigger life.

Jim Rohn used to say that “if you want to be wealthy and happy, you need to learn to work harder on yourself than you do your job”. This never-ending pursuit of excellence is one of the most challenging tasks of all, but it’s well worth the effort.

We’ve been driven by a goal-setting frenzy culture for more than two decades now; but in the end, never mind how many goals you’ve achieved, the kind of person you become in the process is far more important than what you’ve got from it. 

We need to change our paradigm from one focused on tangible goals to another based on personal growth.

We must change our main inner question that always focuses on “what am I getting” to one that rather asks “What am I becoming”. 

They are both valid questions and closely connected with each other, since the person you became influences what you get in life; whatever you have now is the direct reflection (by way of attraction) of the person you are at this moment. But by placing growth before achievement, your life gets a whole new direction.

It’s kind of a universal law; you can’t get something which doesn’t match your vibrational level, which equals your level of personal development.

If you want to have more, you’ll have to become more. If you want to change the world you see around you – and that includes your income, the kind of work you do, the level of your relationships; everything – you will have to change who you are being now.

It all boils down to that quote that says “Be the change you want to see in the world”.


Be that change; the quality of your life will follow, no exceptions.