Enhance your Organization by Leveraging Diversity


Leveraging Diversity is part of your Empathy - a component of your Social Competence.

While Empathy, in general, is related to your awareness, needs and concerns of others -Leveraging Diversity relates to your ability to cultivate opportunities with different kinds of people.

People who have this competence usually:

  • Respect and relate well to people from varied backgrounds
  • Understand diverse worldviews and perspectives 
  • Are sensitive to group differences
  • See diversity as an opportunity
  • Create an environment where diverse people and views can thrive

People, in general, need to be valued based on their moral values, knowledge, performance, and success rather than their background.

Diversity of people brings diversity of ideas to a business - it boosts competitiveness since diversity is most likely to enhance organizational flexibility allowing a rapid adaptation to shifting markets.


Written by John Krumbach,
VP of Finances, ISU Corp