Understanding Buyers and their Money


There is NO shortage of money.

Stop believing there is a scarcity of money. There’s plenty to go around.

You don’t need to make money, you need to connect with it. If others have a hard time getting money from you, you’ll have a hard time getting money from others.

It’s easier to get the second money than it is the first money. The flow of money takes a little while to start, but once it begins, the buyer becomes more open to making more purchases. The second purchase validates the original purchase... “second money”.


Wait until the moment when the transaction is almost complete, this is your chance to upsell; ask the question: “would you consider adding, going up to the next level? It would only cost you [blank] more”.

You are in the people business. The weakness of all salespeople starts with people. People first, product second.

If you are a people, first salesperson, you focus on how to:

·        Market

·        Promote

·        Close

·        Deliver

What’s important to your buyer?

·        Himself

·        His time

·        His money

·        His decision


Communication - The process in which information is exchanged between individuals through common symbols and behavior. 

How much are you interested in your customer? Make them the most interesting people in the world. 90% of salespeople don’t take the time to find out and ask questions! Take an interest in your customers. Communicating effectively is the exchange of ideas.



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