Walking the Road to Successful Sales


The steps required in selling are vital to creating the sale. It is important to memorize and understand each step in this process. Don’t be reasonable - if you take a shortcut in the sales process, it will cost you time and money.

Here are the 13 steps in the sales process:

  1. Attitude

    1. Manner/feeling

  2. Greeting *MOST CRITICAL STEP*

    1. What to say / not say

  3. Fact-finding

    1. Finding what’s critical

  4. Appraisal

    1. Buyer profile - negotiation

  5. Selection

    1. Finding the best product for each client

  6. Demonstration

    1. Features & benefits

  7. Trial close

    1. Where they are in the sales process

  8. Service walk

    1. Service after sale

  9. Write up

    1. It is VITAL to set up a proposal

  10. Negotiations

    1. Come to an agreement

  11. Close

  12. Delivery

    1. Increase customer satisfaction & ensure referral

  13. Follow up

    1. Personal visits, email, phone call, etc.


The biggest mistakes made in the sales process:


1. Using a “random approach” -- know what step is next!

2. Skipping steps - Each step applies to everyone

3. Changing order - Makes process longer

4. Taking shortcuts - Costs time and money

5. Being talked out of steps by customers - Sellers are in control of the process

6. Not getting answers to questions asked

7. Avoid asking questions

8. Jumping forward to price before knowing the best product

9. Unable to handle tough customers

10. Being too “mechanical” - Not fluid!! Results to more training, repetition, and practice


Commitments you need to make in order to successfully make a sale:

  • Know these steps off by heart.

  • Know the purpose and benefits of each step.

  • NEVER skip a step.

  • ALWAYS get answers to questions you ask.

  • ALWAYS handle customer’s objections – acknowledge.

  • Always be positive with everything you do.

  • Always agree with the customer.

  • Always approach each step from a service mode.


And always remember, people do business with people they like, trust, and feel good with.

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