Manage Your Energy and Remain “Cool”


People usually burnout and experience exhaustion when they push themselves to the limit with a high level of intensity - in order to accomplish a specific task or goal.


The best way to manage your energy is to remain calm and control your emotions in any specific situation - remaining calm will release all strain and stress, ironically, victory comes when you stop struggling.  As the saying says: " remain cool ".

Cultivating calmness keeps you happy and helps you consistently achieve your goals without exhaustion.


Managing your energy means taking control of your impulses, performance, emotional behavior and thoughts in a way that it is done with calm and positive thoughts, the strategy is to " keep calm and carry on ".  Calmness helps you conserve your mental energy and allows you to exercise self-control without effort, stress and negative thoughts. 

In our western culture, it's a common belief, that happiness equates to high-intensity emotions such as being a perfectionist, elated, eager for more & high-intensity activities such as being on top of things, multi-tasking, available 24/7. In reality, happiness comes from low-intensity emotions and activities like focusing, being calm, serene, content and in peace. 

When at work, replenishing your energy might mean, going for a walk, taking a break, meditating for a few minutes - all low impact activities. When you are not at work, detach yourself from work, don't take work home, turn off all those technology devices.


In summary, cultivating calm provides you with more focus, more energy and as a result less stress, a clearer mind and a sharper focus to get your work done while at the same time you remain balanced and enjoy the process.

As a result, you are happier and more successful.



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