Exhaust your inventory, not your price.


The Price Myth: price is not the buyers biggest concern. Most sales are lost over objections you never hear. If you don’t name the right problem, the price alone is not enough to bring you more sales. Price is not the problem.


“Getting the sale” is about the buyer having CONFIDENCE in:

  • the product

  • the salesperson

  • the company

Sell with EMOTION. Close with LOGIC.  

You should walk into every transaction completely believing that price is not the real issue. If all other problems are solved, the price conflict resolves itself. Where there is a price conflict… there is something you don’t know about. Why would they pay more? They are placing value on you and your company. Give the buyer reasons to pay extra. People want more than just the lowest price.

Your buyer has to want your product more than he wants his money.


Determine the Connection

Present other possibilities, ask the customer to rate it


Solve their Problem

Every customer is looking to solve a problem.


You and the company

Make people like you, not just the product


Other concerns the customer may have:

  • Is this the right product?

  • Is there a better product?

  • Will this solve our problem?

  • Will I use it?

  • What will other people think about my decision?

  • Am I better off buying something else?

  • Will something better come out next week?

  • Do I know enough to make a decision?

  • Should we invest in something else?

  • Is this going to be a mistake?

  • Is this person going to let me down?

  • It’s almost NEVER THE PRICE!


Do not ever offer a product that is cheaper, it makes the buyer believe that you don’t have any other solution. They are more concerned about making a good decision than how low the price is.

Exhaust your inventory, not your price.  

It’s the salespeople who stop sales, not the customers. Customers aren’t the problem, we are! It’s critically important for you to stabilize the things you CAN CONTROL. YOU are the barrier. Take responsibility for everything.

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