Creativity, the Secret to an Effortless Success


Relax… and ideas are born. Break from focusing on what you’re trying to solve and you’ll be able to think outside the box.

Get more done with less effort by being creative.

As much as focus is an important attribute for success - truly successful people don't come up with great ideas through focus alone. They are successful because they make time to engage in a different type of activities which helps them come up with novel ideas.


Usually, great ideas present themselves when you let your mind relax, have downtime and daydream - leading to creative inspiration.


People become more imaginative and visionary by taking time out for themselves: engage in pastimes, enjoy quietness and idleness, relaxing our mind, free of worries without a to-do list. 


There are basically three ways to access our potential for creativity: 


1.   Learning to un-focus through diversification:

When focusing on only a specific activity or task, disengage from it - to allow yourself a new perspective. Either through mindless tasks (walks, low-focus tasks, relaxation) or through a broader set of experiences (new activities, new learning, and new experiences).


2.   Make time for stillness and silence:

Rather than being in constant motion and rushing in our busy modern life, you "unplug" yourself taking a silence break. A silence break is accomplished either through meditation, talking walks, sailing, lying down; it allows your mind to get new ideas and perspectives.


3.   Invite fun into your life:

Fun makes you feel happy and forget worries.  Fun stimulates positive emotions and opens the doors for your mind to see the big picture - it stimulates your creative imagination. 


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