As We Define Ourselves, So We Are

The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.
— Tony Robbins

One of the most important secrets of happiness and success is related to how you perceive yourself to be.


A person might have all the skills and motivation but if you are self-critical of your own, you will have a hard time reaching happiness and success since self-critique usually ends up demoralizing yourself.


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a good idea - however, the way you approach them can set you up either for success or failure.


Being less self-critical allows people to learn from failure and mistakes - it allows them to grow and discover new opportunities, as a consequence, you will feel grateful, be far happier and your chances of success will increase exponentially.


Self-criticism leads to lower performance, it makes you give up, it leads to poor decision making and it makes you lose touch whit what you really want.  People who tend to be self-critical usually fear mistakes and failures which creates anxiety and negativity.


Rather than focusing on your strengths and avoiding weaknesses, a person should focus on and believe in their efforts. Focusing on your efforts will strengthen your determination to surpass any failures or roadblocks that life throws at you.


Your self-perspective has the power to determine your overall well-being, confidence, and success.

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