Compassion Serves you Better than Selfishness


In today's fast pace environment, the culture that has been embedded into society is the culture of the "me". It's a culture which teaches that in order to be successful you have to look after yourself without concern to others, a culture of self-interest.

This culture of selfishness teaches people that in a highly competitive world, only the ones who outperform others will be successful.

It's a culture which creates loneliness, rejection, emptiness.

In reality, Humans are social creatures, happiness happens only when people interact with each other with a common goal and purpose.

Life becomes meaningful and fulfilling only when people know they belong to a circle where each one looks for the interests of each other for the common benefit.

Kindness and compassion make people more productive, trustworthy, loyal and healthy.

You only succeed when people around you succeed, society only benefits when most of its members succeed.

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