Secrets to Happiness # 2: Internal, Fulfilling Goals


Some weeks ago we wrote an article that said that the No. 1 Secret for being happy is to be happy first and THEN be successful; not the other way around.


Today we’ll write about the Secret No. 2: 

No matter how many external goals you achieve, happiness comes only by accomplishing internal ones.

External goals become unlimited; people tend to set goals, and once accomplished, they set new goals -nothing wrong with it except for the fact that, by itself, it does not translate into happiness. The reason it never translates into happiness is due to the fact that we expect other people’s approval.

You might be working in a well-paid job with a great title but not be happy about it since it does not fulfill your inner self.

When it comes to goals, internal goals are those set with the “DO IT FOR YOU” concept in mind,  not for competition purposes. 
You are doing it because you want to, because you enjoy it, and because it provides meaning to your life and to those people who are part of it.

You are not expecting approval or reward; you are just enjoying the ride and increasing your confidence.



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