Secrets to Happiness # 3: Confidence Breeds Success


As we talked about before, happiness happens only by accomplishing internal goals.

In order to achieve your internal goals, you have to have confidence - confidence in yourself and confidence of others.

Your opinion of yourself can be high or low and your opinion of others might also be high or low.


When it comes to confidence there are 4 different levels, of which only one provides true happiness: 

1.  High opinion of yourself and a low opinion of others:

People who tend to see themselves on a high level of opinion and see other people on a low one are usually arrogant - they don't understand that having a high opinion of others doesn't lower the opinion of themselves. This is the type of person who feels they need to be better than others in order to boost his/her own confidence, and as a result are never happy, since there is always somebody else who they have to compete against.

2.   Low opinion in yourself and a high opinion of others:

Then there are those who have a high opinion of others, but a low opinion of themselves. They tend to beat themselves up and are therefore insecure. Doesn't matter how well you do, there is always somebody else who is doing better than you.

3.  Low opinion of yourself and a low opinion of others:

People who have no high opinion of anyone including themselves are usually cynical. They tend to see problems everywhere and in every corner. Being cynical is the complete opposite of confidence.


And, finally... 

4. High opinion of themselves and high opinion of others:

This is the true definition of confidence. People who tend to have a high opinion of themselves and others are usually secure, positive and therefore, happy.



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