Secrets to Happiness # 5: Gotta Have Some Self-Control


Going back to our Happiness Series, today we talk about self-control

To be happy you have to have self-control.

Self-control has to be exercised at two different levels:


1.     Emotional versus rational:

Remember the reason it\s so hard to be happy: we all have negative thoughts  - because part of our brain (amygdala)  is always scanning the world for problems as a survival tool - it is our emotional side.

On the other hand, we have a rational side in our brain (pre-frontal cortex) which helps you think things through.

The trick is not to control our emotions, but rather to control our reactions to our emotions.


2. More versus enough

Today we live in a culture of more instead of the old culture of enough - it's a growing trend for over a century - known as Consumer Economy.

People are no longer content with enough but wanting always something more; it's not about needs but desires. More, more we all want more. It’s the “Keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome.

When faced with this reality, remember that a persona can have everything if he has the knowledge of having enough.



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