Use Fear to Fuel Your Success #2


Fear is the brains’ way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome.
-Rachel Huber

Fear is just excitement in disguise

That’s right; if we look right into it, we’d see that fear is nothing but excitement in a dire need of an attitude adjustment.

Using skydiving as an example, no one can deny that the idea of jumping off a perfectly good airplane in mid-air is close to madness; but many of us really enjoy doing it. It actually can evoke two completely different reactions in people.

Some of them would be thrilled and excited about the idea of “flying like a bird”, feeling the wind in the face and they would relate it to the most absolute freedom.
Some others would be terrified and had to be practically forced off the airplane. They actually feel they are “falling like a stone” at more than 100 mph; they are paralyzed thinking of the way they’d smash against the ground in the end.


The difference between the two types is that the first actually embrace the adventurous nature we all have; a nature that, when embraced, gives us incredible experiences.
For the other type, the idea of doing something outside of their comfort zone feels them with inconceivable terror.

In short, whether we experience fear or excitement, it’s really up to the lens we choose to look through at the experience ahead of us.

And if we think about it, it’s really our choice.


Have you noticed that young children are very resilient to the fear of the unknown?
Most young kids are most daring and fearless than we are as adults. As we move through life, we create layer upon layer of fear and self-doubt in our subconscious mind. Our adult “lenses” we use to see through life are clouded with lack of confidence and negativity.
All we need to do is to clean our lenses and choose what to focus on more wisely; pick excitement instead of fear, practice constantly this new behavior until we master it.



Next week we’ll talk about a way of using fears to energize us instead of paralyzing us.

Until then, stay strong!


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