Secrets to Happiness # 4: Accept Yourself


How do we accept ourselves and think highly of others at the same time?


There a 3 steps to achieve a high opinion of yourself:

Don’t Hide

People tend to mask themselves in a form of self-judgment in some cases because they do not want to be judged by others and in other cases because of humility - either way, it has to do with fear; fear of expressing their own accomplishments. 


Stop Apologizing

Apologizing for your accomplishments or for who you are is another form of self-judgment. Apologizing avoids ownership, creates distance and suggests a mistake.



Find what's hidden, stop apologizing and accept yourself. You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish - you are not responsible for what other people expect you to be.

You are who you are, it makes you unique, accepting who you are improves your confidence, confidence opens the doors to accomplish growth and your internal goals. 



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