Spice Up Your Day with Inspiring Morning Habits


We, humans, are creatures of habit; whatever we do in one given situation, we tend to repeat in another. There might be some theme variations and adaptations, but once a structure has been set, we use it everywhere and that –sometimes inadvertently- builds up in time defining how our whole lives will unfold for us.

We can’t help it… habits are embedded in our mind’s functional structure.

Since habits will always be there, we might as well make them work to our advantage. We can design an empowering start-up routine that will set a high tone for the rest of the day. Take these 3 steps as a starting point to design your powerful morning routine:

     1. Avoid negative thoughts

First and foremost, you have to flood yourself with positive thoughts from the moment you wake up. You might think thinking about your problems is a good strategy to find the solutions… well, nothing is further from the truth.

Negative thoughts bring your mind –and physical- state down making it extremely hard to find or even work for a solution.

Positive thoughts, however, optimize your state and get you on a peak level of performance; and in that state, solutions present itself. Don’t take my word for it, you will see it yourself.

     . Visualize success for your day

Whenever a challenging situation presents to us, we immediately start thinking about what could go wrong. I don’t know, maybe we believe we’ll be more ready if we expect the problems… but the truth is we are actually creating them by anticipating their existence.

Well, we can also do the opposite: we can expect our success, visualizing it in detail, celebrating the achievement before it happens. This way we become the creators of our future success.

     . Be always in a state of Gratitude

No matter what happens around you, there is always something to be grateful for. Start looking for the things, situations and people who already are in your life but that you have taken for granted; feel the gratitude for all that, and while you are in that state of appreciation, life will bring to you more and more things that match that very same level of appreciation you were expressing.

Next time you wake up in the morning, go through this exercise and then, just jump right out of bed and start taking action!


I would love to hear about your experiences once you start putting all this into practice.