Use Fear to Fuel Your Success #3


We have all heard the old adage that says “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”…

But if you think about it, there isn’t much room for our own attitude in there; we’d have to wait and see if we don’t die in the process, and only then we can realize whether or not it can make us stronger.


Well, I’m ok with it; but I believe that there are times when we can decide in advance that we’re going to survive it and that we’re going to grow because of it… so I’d rather say:

Don’t let fear stop you, make it strengthen you.


Fear can make you stronger; it can tell you when you’re on the right track… you can tell by its intensity; because if you look back and look closely, the times when you were scared the most, were the times you were after something you really wanted or trying something new and adventurous. So, if it doesn’t scare you, you should consider revising your choices; raise the stakes and the standards involved, and keep going until it feels right… and by that, I mean scared to the bones.


Fear actually can show you the way.

It tells you that there’s something you still need to work on; some preparing you need to be done, training, persistence, or maybe the patience for when things take longer to come about.

Let your fear to be the force that thrusts you forward; let it guide you to what you need to be doing… and then go do it.


Next week, we’ll talk about the last aspect of fear you can use to Fuel Your Success.

Until then, stay strong!




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