Live in the Moment


The art of life is to live in the present moment

Emmet Fox


As we mentioned, strategy No. 1 for attaining happiness and fulfillment is to live in the moment.

We all know that we live in a world with a fast-paced environment where everything has to be done at once and right away, multi-tasking is the norm of the day.   People believe that in order to be successful and happy they have to chase the future on a constant basis, your mind has to be always on the next task, the next goal by constantly playing catch-up ... ahhh the rat-race!


This tendency to focus on getting things done is of course not categorically negative - accomplishments are good things! Yet constantly focusing on the next thing ironically ends up keeping you from the very success you are chasing.

The problem is, we keep delaying our happiness in favor of getting more things done so that we can be even happier later, or so we think. The delaying process usually goes on forever, damaging the very success and happiness we are seeking. 


Instead, live and enjoy the moment, the present. Focus on what's happening in front of you right now - focus on one thing at a time, be present instead of having your mind on the next thing.


These are some exercises that may help you live the present:

  • Practice consciously being present:  focus exclusively n the task at hand 

  • Meditate:  it cultivates a state of calm and quiet in your mind

  • Breathe focus: when you find your mind wandering in the past or future focus your attention on your breathing, it brings you back to the present.

  • Truly experience pleasure:  whether emotional (such as love) or sensual (taste, touch or sound) - savor the experience completely

  • Technology fasting:  understand the importance of unplugging, after business hours and weekends, let your mind rest from all the various technology gadgets (yes-including your cell phone) - let your mind rest and relax.




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